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Cat grooming tips: The basics

Cats are very clean animals. They devote a large portion of their day bathing themselves by licking their paws and face, because they want to stay clean. However, there are many cat owners who don't even consider grooming their cat.

Proper cat grooming is crucial. It aids in removing loose strands from the cat's fur. If you didn't brush, many of these hairs would find their way into your pet's digestive tract. And because hair is not readily digestible, it frequently results in hairballs. Hairballs can be coughed up, but it is possible for these to cause a blockage in the cat's intestines. Obviously, this is something that you want to avoid, both for your cat's sake and the sake of your wallet. Another advantage to regular grooming is that you get a chance to inspect your cat for ticks and fleas.

You might have thought your cat would hate being groomed, but actually, it may enjoy the experience considerably. Obviously, younger cats will find the experience easier to get used to than older ones will, so it is best to start grooming when your cat is still young. Brush or comb the kitten's coat gently, neck to tail, in the direction its fur lies. Stop if it starts to get annoyed, and play with it for a minute or two until it calms down. Most cats don't like having their face or paws groomed, so avoid those areas.

If your cat rebels against regular brushing, try using a grooming glove. Your cat will think that it's getting a massage, but the glove will also be extracting loose hair or dirt from its coat, exactly like a regular grooming brush would do. The glove is gentle enough to use on your cat's face, though its paws might be a bit too sensitive for it. While brushing your cat's coat, take this opportunity to check on its eyes and ears. Your cat's eyes should look bright and clear and the corners should be free of any debris. The ears should be pink and dirt free.

If you see excess dirt in the ears, it is a sign that the cat may have ear mites. Ear mites can make a cat's ears shrivel and cause your cat to lose its hearing; therefore, if you suspect for just a moment that your precious pet may have mites, go ahead and have your veterinarian check it out. Next, if your cat's claws are not removed, you may want to use pet nail clippers to remove the hooks. If these hooks get caught on things, they can hurt your cat and damage your furniture.

Also look in your cat's mouth to see if any tartar has built up on the teeth. It is a good idea to brush its teeth daily with a special paste formulated for pets. You can use a small toothbrush that fits on the tip of your finger. Be aware that severe problems can result from untreated dental conditions.

Last but not least, if you have a feline who has long fur which is matted, you might want to consider shaving it. Many felines will require a sedative first as they are not fond of animal shears, hence you should bring your pet to a veterinarian for grooming. Cats can get very stressed if shaved, therefore keeping its coat tangle free and avoiding this possibility is the best option.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

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