Litter box comparisons you'll want to see

As you think about litter boxes the most important consideration is whether or not your cat will use it. If you want to avoid fighting with your cat to use the box you want one that it fits in comfortable and doesn't have features that scare your cat. You may want to look for a box that allows for odor elimination or one that cleans itself in order to make your life easier. This article will take you through a few of the available types of cat litter boxes that may suit your needs as well as the needs of your cat.

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Silica cat litter raises concern about pet's health

Cat owners love their pets a great deal. Their love is easily proven by the little things they do for their pets. One of these little things is cleaning their litter everyday. Another is putting up with the stench of that litter. Silica cat litter has appeared on the scene like an answer to a cat owner's prayer! Just an inch high layer of the new silica cat litter is sufficient to dry out the cat's waste and make it absolutely bone dry and completely odorless! Waste removal is now as simple as scooping up some hard, dry pieces of the cat's feces and disposing of it. This is as pleasant as it can ever get! 

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Is your litter box problem bad behavior, or is it something more serious?

Bad cat! How many times have you found yourself saying this over the years? Anyone who has ever owned a cat has uttered these words at least a few times because let's face it...cats can be bad. Actually, cats have unique personalities, just like humans, and they experience many of the same moods and feelings that we do. And, a lot of the time, they have attitude problems, and just do whatever they want, whenever they want to. This includes peeing in places other than their litter boxes.

There are a lot of people who are under the misconception that bad cat behavior is something that you can't really do anything about. Actually, cats can be trained, pretty much as easily as dogs can be, and this training also includes making sure that the cat is always using the litter box to do its business, and not going anywhere else. You have to let the cat know who is really the boss in the house, and make sure that if there are behavioral problems, such as peeing outside of the box, are taken care of as soon as possible.

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Cleaning your cat litter box made easy

There is nothing worse for cat or cat owner than a smelly litter cat litter box. For many cat owners, the cat litter box is the worst of part of owning a cat. Not only is it something people dread to clean but it is also dusty and dirty. And, those who have to clean it can find themselves more susceptible to cat diseases that are present there. For Sure, it's a awful job but it does not have to be too hard either.

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3 tips to remove cat urine smell

A cat's urine odor is really horrible and unpleasant to say the least but how do you remove it efficiently? It's really frust...

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Cat litter boxes: Is one choice better than another?

Choices of cat litter boxes are numerous. Making a decision between them all is not easy to do. But, the primary consideration always has to be your individual pet.

If you already have a litter box, you do need to exercise caution in changing the style as cats can be very particular. However, if you are just getting a cat for the first time or are adding to your pet family, you can opt for something different. Also, if your cat is not using the litter box, it may be because he is not happy with the choice you made.

The main question you need to decide is hooded or unhooded. Many people prefer the hooded boxes. They hide the unsightly urine and feces and also end up with less litter outside the box. However, you need to take care that you are not using the hooded box to cut down on the smell. Litter boxes should be cleaned once or twice a day so there is no smell for either you or your pets.

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