Cat litter mats = Clean savings!

"Oh no! Not again!" Is that your reaction when your dear little pet cat tracks dirt from the litter box onto your spotless floor? I suppose that must be it, and countless times you must have said it too. Not only does the litter affect the cleanliness of the house in general, it can actually damage your precious floor coverings and flooring.

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Causes of cat litter box problems

Cat litter box problems can be a cause of concern for many cat owners. A cat owner may become frustrated by cats that are urinating or defecating outside the litter box.


If the cat litter becomes too dirty, the cat may suddenly refuse to use the litter box. Some cats are very choosy about the cleanliness of the litter.


This resistance to using a dirty litter box usually can be resolved by changing the cat litter more frequently. Sometimes, a cat will refuse to use a litter box if the cat owner has changed the type of litter.


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Cat urine odor

There are over 88 million households in America that own cats. Many of these households also face the burden of eliminating that nasty cat urine odor as well. Even if you have a perfectly behaved cat, he just may try to mark his turf! This means your floor, rugs, corners of rooms, etc.

After this happens it can be difficult to remove the strong ammonia like odor if you do not know what to do. Here you will find simple solutions to do just that!

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When cat pee smell permeates your home - What to do

Cat urine. One of the less appealing odors one can ever have in the house... And trying to get cat urine out of carpet is for some people in the same category as having a root canal.Yes, it is distressing and it is easy to get angry with the cat. Who wants a smelly house?

Removing cat urine is one of the more challenging cleaning tasks. Not only is it very pungent, the urine actually bonds with fibers in your rug. The biggest mistake when cleaning the cat urine is to not use proper cleaners.

Not only do amino acids bind with the carpet, so do salts. Salts cause a bond with an ionic charge that is increasingly difficult to dissolve the longer the urine has been on the carpet. Steam cleaning, or home made cleaners will not dissolve these strong bonds, actually steam cleaning the carpet may make the problem worse.

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Are you ready for an automatic litter box?

The automatic litter box is a great idea and definitely a time saver if you have a busy schedule. Cleaning the litter box is not the most favorite chore in the world but is definitely important if you want your cat to stay happy and to keep using the box.

The automatic litter box is definitely an investment; they are not as cheap as your plain old litter pan so be prepared to spend some money. Here are some important questions to consider if you are debating whether to buy an automatic box:

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Cat litter boxes: Is one choice better than another?

Choices of cat litter boxes are numerous. Making a decision between them all is not easy to do. But, the primary consideration always has to be your individual pet.

If you already have a litter box, you do need to exercise caution in changing the style as cats can be very particular. However, if you are just getting a cat for the first time or are adding to your pet family, you can opt for something different. Also, if your cat is not using the litter box, it may be because he is not happy with the choice you made.

The main question you need to decide is hooded or unhooded. Many people prefer the hooded boxes. They hide the unsightly urine and feces and also end up with less litter outside the box. However, you need to take care that you are not using the hooded box to cut down on the smell. Litter boxes should be cleaned once or twice a day so there is no smell for either you or your pets.

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