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Cat biting behavior

Let me give you some advice that can potentially stop your cat from ever biting you again.  Picture this:  You're relaxing on the couch, deeply involved in your favorite book or TV show, when your cat strolls across the top of the couch and rubs against you, wanting attention. You give in (like always), let your cat get comfy in your warm lap and proceed to pet, massage and otherwise shower your spoiled cat with affection.

Soon, your cat's tail begins to wag. Slowly at first, and then faster and more enthusiastically. You think "This is great! My cat must be really happy!"

Then all of a sudden "out of nowhere".....CHOMP your cat has betrayed you and is suddenly attacking and biting you!  Has your cat gone crazy? Is it time for a trip to the kitty psychiatrist? Why the sudden 'unexpected' bite? The simple answer is you have no idea how to read your cat's signals.


Don't feel bad, you're not alone.


In fact, even some cat lovers who "know" that cats don't communicate the same way as dogs somehow believe that their cat wags it'scat biting tail to show happiness. This is partly true, although not in this particular situation.  Tail wagging and other feline body signals indicate completely different emotions than dog signals do.  For the most part, dogs wag their when they're happy. On the other hand, cat's usually wag their tail when they are distressed or agitated.


So pay close attention to the next time your cat wags it's tail. The faster and harder it's wagging the quicker you better stop whatever it is you're doing, because your cat is trying to tell you to back off!


Okay, here's another scenario.


Imagine . . you go to a friend or neighbor's house and their cat rubs against your body and then backs up, sits on the floor and looks right at you.  What do you think this cat wants you to do?


Is this cat:


A. Begging you for attention and hoping to be petted.

B. Challenging you.


If you chose A, you've just been bitten.


This, and slashing it's tail back and forth are just a few of the many signals a cat may display right before biting.


Do you know what all of the other signals are?


If not, I invite you to visit secretsofcats.com

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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

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