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Cat urine spraying and how to solve the problem

In statistics, cat spraying urine constitutes from 44% to nearly  100% in multi-cat households with over ten cats. It is quite normal behavior for the cat but we can reduce the problem. Many cats will reject a litter box placed in a busy area of your home, people walking by all the time and making too much noise. Some cats like a little privacy if they are going to use the box and not give you cat urine problems. Most cats will not use a box that is located too close to their food and water, this is understandable.

Spraying urine is a way cats mark out their territory. Your cat will back up to a vertical object that he/she wants to mark which could be a wall, your sofa, your drapes etc. The tail will be held up high, and will usually be quivering, the cat will often tread the ground with his paws. He/she will then spray a fine stream of foul smelling urine at just the right height for any other cat to smell it.

Stress can also be a cause of cat urine problems starting up. Cats can get stressed for a variety of reasons.  Most of the reasons for stress in cats are associated with change, felines are creatures of habit and they simply do not like changes to their routine.  Never punish your cat no matter what cat urine problems he/she gives you. Punishment will not help and is unfair to your cat. Cats do not deliberately pee where they should not.

How to control:

  1. The easiest way to deal with the cat spraying is to consider neutering or spaying. But you should do this before your kitten’s mature - when she is 4-6 months old.
  2. If you are a multiple cat owner, it is strongly advised that you have one litter box for every cat. Keep the litter boxes scooped and clean, and be mindful when washing them to use only mild and unscented cleaning agents.
  3. Try to lower the cat’s stress by maintaining a routine, because the changes often cause cat spraying. Feed at the same time each day and keep their food, litter box, and bed in their respective places.
  4. Give your cats enough attention. Play with her, massage her, talk to her. Give her tons of praise, affection and attention for simply breathing.
  5. Urine spraying occurs near doors or windows where cats can see outdoors, especially when strange cats are hanging around outside. If your cat spraying because she perceived treat from another cat or animal, try limiting the area she can roam in your house to improve her feeling of security. If the problem is with the cats that are outside the home, you should try to reduce your cat’s exposure to those cats, because when she sees other cats, her natural response will bee to mark her territory, which is your home.
  6. Do not hit or yell at your cat when he sprays. It will only make the problem worse. Instead, try to figure out why he is feeling insecure and take steps to ease the disruption.

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Sunday, 26 March 2023

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