What to do if your cat is aggressive

Cats are usually considered relatively calm and peaceful animals. Many assume that a cat will be loving and docile, playful and independent, in other words, acting like a cat, if they are just given good food, clean water and a safe place to rest.
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Your cat on a leash? You may be surprised...

Most people who have owned, or been owned by, a highly independent cat, would never even conceive of the idea of putting a harness, or leash (leash!!) on their kitty and taking her for a walk. The mere thought is bound to produce some deep rumbling chuckles within the cat owner. Their cat on a leash, being told where to go? Sounds unbelievable, but read on, your kitty may be about to discover a whole new exciting world!
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Toilet training your cat

Are you tired of cleaning out your pet cat s litter box? If so, you might want to try training your cat to use the toilet. It may sound crazy, but it really is possible to teach some cats to use the toilet for their bathroom needs rather than using the litter box. Not only does this help you avoid having to clean litter boxes, it also helps you avoid getting that litter box smell in your home.

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Learn about cat training and cat litter information

Is it necessary to train cats? People who own cats may come across this question very often. Well, the answer is yes. Imagine a cat causing damage to valuable articles at home such as glassware, the sofa set, electronic items such as DVD player or computer.

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Cat training and cat behavior

The cat's probable social behavior varies extremely from ferociously self determining to compatibly outgoing with other felines. According to a few professionals a cat s social qualities are “in evolution” from self dependent to mutually dependent.

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Training your cat to walk on a leash

One advantage that dog owners have long had over cat owners is the ability to take their pets out for a walk on a leash. If you envy those dog owners and you would like to take your precious kitty for a walk outside, just follow these simple steps to train your cat to use a leash.

Choosing the Right Leash

The first step toward training your cat to use a leash is to choose the right type of leash. While dogs may be satisfied with using a collared leash, the same is not true with cats. In fact, cats will often slip right out of a collar. Therefore, it is better to obtain a harness that fits around the cat's chest instead. Another option is a walking jacket, which is very difficult for a cat to get out of and can be quite comfortable for your pet.


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