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yellow spots on cats belly

<p>spots with furr loss</p>
Category: Health

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Hi Lucy,

Yes - this kitty really should have a full skin work up. This includes hair plucks and scrapings to rule out mites and ring worm, as well as a culture and microscopy to rule out bacterial or yeast infections. This would be the best first place to start. If all was clear here - then your Vet would need to undertake a biopsy of the area to rule out more obscure possibilities.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

Dr Edwards
was great help much thanks xx - - 11 years ago


Hi Lucy,

Does you cat go outside? I'm not sure exactly what could be causing this. It could be an allergy I guess or mites or other issues. Without more details it is hard to tell. If you are taking your cat to the vet regularly I would check with them.

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