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Broken jaw?

<p>My cat is an outdoor cat. She gets into fights all the time and has come home with slight injuries before. Last night she came home with blood on her neck/chin and my first thought was that she had killed a rabbit as usual. Turns out, it was her own blood. She wouldn't let me touch it and tried for the rest of the night to sleep it off. She had trouble getting comfortable and kept finding things to lean on (including my pillow) to prop her head up on. All day today, she had eaten twice, small amounts, but food nevertheless. I don't think she's been drinking though even though I made sure the water was fresh. This continued all day today until just a few minutes ago. She finally laid down on her left side and I could see that the right side of her jaw was swollen. The blood was from a small cut, nothing else and it had stopped bleeding before she even got inside my house. (the blood on her was wet still, but the cut had already clotted) Seeing nothing else wrong to cause that much swelling, I gently lifted her right jowl and saw that her gums were not completely separated from her teeth. but they were certainly hanging down lower than they should have been. It may have been my imagination and at this point she's back in the closet and I can't move her into the right position without her knowing what I'm doing and freaking out. My question is, if her jaw is broken, would she still be able to eat? She's eaten enough for me to not be extremely worried. I'm a light sleeper, so tonight I'll hear her if she drinks water. But yeah, could this just be that she got whacked hard and it's swollen? Or could it be broken? She let me touch it and prod a bit, enough that I know a cry baby like her would have hurt me if it was painful in ANY way. I would take her to the vet, but 1. she cried in pain only once today and it was mild. 2 she's almost 13 and vet's freak her out so much that even the sight of the cat crate makes her scream and scratch so that no matter what we do she hurts us and usually gives herself a bruise or two in the process, and I don't want to hurt her jaw any more. and 3 I don't want to take her if they will only charge me money I can't afford. It's not the first time she's almost had to be put down and I can afford that. But I've had her since she was born and she's walking around, rubbing against me, letting me pick her up, all like normal. If she's compensating with wet food and if she starts drinking water again, can it heal on it's own. I realize this is long and probably vague, but any thoughts you may have I will greatly appreciate.</p>
Category: Health

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Hi Krystal is really hard to say. If it was a very serious break (and they are all serious) I would suspect that she wouldn't be able to eat at all. Given that she is having trouble drinking water that is a major concern. A broken jaw will not heal itself and could lead to very serious issues with your cat. I understand the reluctance to take them but I'm really not sure what your other options are. By the way, some vets have access to an "emergency care" financing group that will let you spread out your vet bill. Hopefully however they will check her over and she will not have any serious injuries. I have added a link that might give you some more insight...

I wish you all the best with your girl.

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