What should I be feeding my Bichon?

<p>My Bichon Frise is prone to many infections and irritations and I believe this is down to her diet. What should I be feeding her? The vet fees are becoming expensive year by year and the commercial food brand I believe is a majjor factor in her skin irritations and sensitive stomach (also very gassy).</p>
Category: Nutrition

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You're right to look at food as one of the reasons for your dog's skin problems. Food allergies could be a factor and therefore a diet change may make a big difference. Some people say you should feed all real food (real meat for example). While I do think that is ideal, there are good quality commercial dog foods. Your vet can make a recommendation and I've list two links to companies that offer quality dog food.
Thankin you very much. - Molly - 11 years ago

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