One of my chickens is sitting on eggs. Can anybody tell me about this?

<p>She just started sitting on them 4 days ago. She won't let me pick her up so I don't know how many she has!</p>
Category: Birds

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Your chicken is going through what is known as a broody hen. It is something that is seen frequently in chicken keepers.
Your chicken may be sitting on her eggs for days and sometimes even weeks as some chickens don't realize they only need to for 21 days. If your chicken is still on her eggs for over 21 days she may become bad tempered and anxious and I would consider you very brave to try and take the eggs off of her at any stage.
I would leave your chicken to it, she should now what she is doing.
I hope that this helps :)
Thank you very much. The only thing was that she was still around the other chickens. She got off the eggs to long today and they cooled off so we hope the eggs hadn't gone bad. One of our chickens is laying in the nest that she is sitting in. We are going to try to move her tomorrow. Thank you! - - 11 years ago

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