Diamond dove won't drink???

<p>Ok, I'm really worried about my Diamond dove :( She is 18 days old, and I haven't seen her go up to her water dish at all yet. She is pecking and eating seed completely fine now. But I plan to take her out of her cage when she is 21 days old. I plan to keep her, (as this is her parent's first baby) And tame her so she can be outside her cage and be a happy bird. How do I get her to go up to her watering dish? Please Help :( Thanks! -Elise</p>
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I've tried to do some research for you on this. From what i can find is says that baby doves get water from the seeds they eat and to not force feed them water. What I can't find out is when they should be drinking water. I also found this:

The baby will also require water. You can either allow the baby to drink on it's own, if it's able to, or give it water via the same method you use to handfeed it. Be aware though that the baby might not know how to drink water out of the dish, so you might have to teach it how to do this by dipping it's beak into the water (stop short of dipping it's nostrils into the water or it could drown). Doves/pigeons always drink after eating grain (the drink helps to soften up the grains so they can digest).
Thank you so much :) She will have to learn I guess. But it's cool to know that she's not going to like...die XD Thanks again! -Elise - Molly - 11 years ago

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