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stop my cat from clawwing

<p>his claws are like spring loaded they come out at all times</p>
Category: Training

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Hi, my name is Jacoby. I used to work as a pet groomed before becoming a vet. It is natural for their claws to come out a lot, and I've got scars to prove it trying to give them baths. But if you want to stop them from clawing, you could get him declawed. It's completely painless for the cat. What most people prefer to do is only declaw the front paws, but leave their back claws in. This way, if a dogs comes up, they have a way to defend themselves. But if your not afraid of dogs around him, you could get them all declawed. You could have a vet do it, or if you don't trust them(no reason you shouldn't) then you can do it yourself. Thanks. If you have any questions just ask me.
Thank You - - 11 years ago

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