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Furry Friends: Reasons You Should Buy a Dog From a Breeder
Dianne Pajo
When you decide it's time to get a dog, there are many things to consider. One of the first things to choose is where you’ll get the pup. Some of us fall in love with a specific breed, and others want a dog capable of particular jobs. Regardless of which category you fall into, read about these reasons to buy a dog from a breeder. 
What dog are you!
Jenn Colella
We humans all have different characteristics and personalities, but some people may not realize that dogs do as well! Have you ever wondered what kind of dog you would be, if you grew four paws and a tail? Perhaps a happy-go-lucky, fearless athlete like a Labrador Retriever? Or maybe a sensitive introvert like an Italian Greyhound? Let’s take a fun look at what type of dog breed best matches your own unique personality.
Getting a Tibetan Mastiff? Here's What You Need to Know
Nicola Reynor
These massive dogs with their heavy coats and bushy tails are a giant, majestic breed of dogs. Weighing 80 to 150 pounds or more, they are calm and aloof guardians. They can be black, brown and blue/grey with or without tan markings and shades of gold. They are highly intelligent and independent in nature. Anyone hoping to own a Tibetan Mastiff has their work cut out for them.
Your Labrador Retriever's health
Coleen Smith
You've welcomed your newest family member into your house, you've acquired all the necessary items, like a dog bed, leash and collar, gotten him a physical exam and shots and begun dog training classes. All is going well and there's no reason to think about trouble, right? Wrong.
Labrador Retriever description, history and temperament
Scott Lipe
>Description: The Labrador Retriever is a sturdily built, medium to large sized dog used primarily for hunting and as a companion. The St. John's Water Dog was used by fishermen on the island to help bring in their nets. The St. John's Water Dog was taken to England in the 1800s, but it was not until later that the Labrador breed began to emerge on its own.
Golden Retriever dog breed history, personality and measurements
Scott Lipe
Description: The Golden Retriever is a sturdy, muscular, athletic dog developed originally for use in hunting. The dog must be between 22 and 24 inches at the withers and weighs 65-75 pounds. Height of the dog should be 20-22 cm and weighs 55-65 pounds. Coat golden retriever can be wavy or straight, medium length. The undercoat, and because the jacket is waterproof. Coat color varies from shades of beige, very light to dark. History: Lord Tweedmouth is primarily responsible for developing the Golden Retriever breed. He wanted to breed dogs that would be capable of hunting in the rugged Scottish countryside. As the weather in Scotland is often inclement, he wanted a dog that would not be hampered by extreme conditions.
Welsh Terriers - Facing a struggle
Owen Jones
Initially, Welsh terriers were bred for hunting rabbits, foxes and badgers, but public opinion and the decline in the lust for blood in general have gone against blood sports and so this native breed of Wales has become a show dog and a pet. Breeders attempt to outdo each other by breeding the Welsh terrier to have a denser wiry coat and deeper colouration. The Welsh terrier is also a popular pet because it is one of the most easy-going terriers. The Welsh terrier is a fun loving dog. It just loves to run, chase and play, which makes it a smashing companion and a perfect pet. Welsh terriers require lots of exercise, so be prepared for plenty of walks, if you make your mind up to get one.
Why mixed breed dogs are superior to purebred dogs
Luke Blaise
Mixed breed dogs share genetic characteristics with two or more different breeds. For most of these dogs their genetic background is unknown and they often tend to be called by many different names. Just a few these names include random bred dog, mongrel, and bitzer. Even though a mixed breed dogs have several advantages over purebreds, most people still seem to prefer purebreds. However, one of the advantages of mixed breed dogs is that they tend to show a higher intelligence on average than most purebreds. Also, it has been shown that these dogs on average are healthier and live much longer than purebred dogs. This is due to something called hybrid vigor which happens when you mix two or more breeds together. Purebred dogs often carry genetic problems with them and these are often passed on to the next generation.
Labrador Retriever: One of a kind
Mike Mathews
The Labrador Retriever gives the Golden Retriever a run for its money as to which between the two is the most popular family dog in the world. The Labrador Retriever's friendliness, behavior with children, affectionate and kind disposition and faithfulness are qualities that set it above all other dogs in the world. The Labrador retriever pups are so cute that you might have a crush the instant you see him. If you bring home a Labrador retriever then you will be assured of constant companionship. He is no ordinary dog; he is a gentle and understanding dog with loads of patience especially towards children. Since 1991, the lab retriever has been the most popular dog based on registrations in the United States. Labs have a history of assisting in waterfowl hunting and love water. A completely dependable dog, lab retrievers are being trained more and more for assisting blind and disabled people. They are regarded as specialist dogs by K9 units across the United States and in bomb squads or sniffer squadrons across the world. This doesn't mean that the retriever is a working dog only; he is "the" family dog too.
Hybrid dogs, mixed breed dogs and purebreds
Marilyn J Ross
People have long had a love affair with mixed breed dogs or "mutts". These dogs tend to differ quite a lot in size, looks and personality, even when they come from the same brood. Mutts more often than not have very good healthiness and they make great pets. A mutt is a dog that is a product of an unfamiliar family. They are not of one specific breed and it is usually unknown if there parents are of purebred status. Mutts have an unidentified heritage and a questionable inherited line. A purebred has two parents of the identical breed. Usually there are lengthy genetic records that go back many generations. Breeders vigilantly select the dogs they will breed so as to promise that the strongest traits are characteristic in the pups.