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5 Neat Facts About Border Collies You Should Know

Border collies are boisterous, intelligent, and beautiful dogs. Whether you’re interested in adopting a border collie or you’d like to learn about the breed for fun, here are five neat facts about border collies that you should know.

5 Neat Facts About Border Collies You Should Know
They’re From Scotland

Scotland bred the border collie during the 1800s. “Collie” is a Scottish word used to refer to sheepdogs. The border collie got developed primarily on the English-Scottish border, hence their name!

They’re Featured in Poetry

Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet, wrote about his beloved border collie after their passing. Luath the border collie’s death inspired one of Burn’s greatest poems, “The Twa Dogs.” Today, several statues of Robert Burns depict him with Luath by his side.

They’re Positively Royal

Queen Victoria of England loved dogs of all kinds, but in the 1860s, she took a particular liking to the border collie. During this time, the border collie became distinguished from the collie as a different breed.

They’re Great Herders

This should be no surprise, as border collies were initially bred to herd sheep. Their stamina, strength, and intelligence make them especially good at the task. With their strong work ethic, they can handle almost any task given to them.

Because of their breeding, border collies are very high-energy dogs. As most dog owners today don’t have any livestock to herd, it’s important to ensure your border collie gets the proper exercise and stimulation in other ways. One of the best ways to ensure your pup gets plenty of activity is to let them run frequently. If you cannot do this consistently, a reputable doggy daycare can be a great alternative.

They’re Life Savers

Border collies don’t just herd sheep; they also save lives! Search and rescue is another common job for these dogs to do. Their keen intelligence and great sense of smell help them find missing people when humans might not be able to.

Border collies are a wonderful breed due to their cleverness and friendly nature. We hope you enjoyed learning these five neat facts about border collies!

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