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Shih Tzu Topknots, Eyes and Ear Care

The standard coat of a Shih Tzu should be luxuriously long and dense with a good wooly undercoat. The hair on top of the head may be tied up. When a Shih Tzu is completely brushed and combed the Shih Tzu should have a sleek look. The beard comes to a point and a long, luxuriant moustache flows over the beard.


Method of making a Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu puppy topknot:

  1. Part the hair from the ear on both sides of the head.
  2. Gather up in one hand the hair in the middle and slip on a latex band at the base.
  3. The band may have to be wrapped around twice to make it secure.
  4. A ribbon or barrette is recommended to be attached to latex band.

How to make your own Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu puppy bows:

  1. Cut one yard of ribbon. The ribbon can be any width you desire.
  2. From this yard of ribbon, cut another piece about 5” long. Splice this in half lengthwise.
  3. Cut the remainder of the yard in half. This material should give you enough for two ribbons or bows.
  4. Wrap one of the long pieces around two fingers. Slip the folded ribbon off your fingers and double it over.
  5. With a utility scissors, snip off a piece at the corners in a “V” shape, but not a sharp V, for you will lose any thread of support. There should be a piece of ribbon left at the centerfold to hold it all together.
  6. Take one of the spliced pieces (5”) and tie the ribbon at the centerfold securely.
  7. Separate each fold by gently pulling out and twisting each fold out from the center. Do both sides. When all the folds are pulled out and twisted, the bow is completed. All that remains is to fasten the bow to a tuft of hair, using the ends of the center splice to tie the knot. Cut off any excess ribbon that remains.

Care of the Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu puppy’s ears:

Because of the long hair covering the Shih Tzu puppy’s ears, problems can develop when the ear gets little air. Clean the excess hair out of your Shih Tzu puppy’s ear canal (not the ear flap) to improve air circulation and help prevent infection.

Care of the Shih Tzu’s eyes:

Shih Tzu generally has large eyes with shallow sockets. A Shih Tzu’s eyes are more prone to injury than most other breeds. If your Shih Tzu puppy’s eyes are red or cloudy or tear excessively, or if your dog squints and rubs at his eye, have a vet look at your Shih Tzu puppy’s eye to determine the cause.

Professionalism in Shih Tzu grooming:

The word professional means “one skilled in a profession, craft, or art. The word professionalism is defined as “the methods, manner, or spirit of a profession.

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