Home dog grooming tips

Dog grooming refers to the practice of maintaining the appearance of a dog for public showing or personal hygiene reasons. Grooming dogs includes things like shampooing, hair clipping, hair styling, powdering, nail clipping and teeth cleaning. Grooming is healthy for your dog and can be somewhat pleasing to the owner.

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Tips for Poodle grooming

There are literally hundreds of different breeds of dog that one can choose from, but the Poodle is definitely a fan favorite. They are affectionate and loving dogs, not to mention absolutely beautiful. Poodle grooming is often considered as a drawback to owning these dogs however, because it requires so much time and effort.

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The Bichon Frise puppy cut: Short and sweet and to the point

If you're looking for a mild tempered dog to give your family companionship, a Bichon Frise is the perfect solution. These sweet little dogs are excellent companions for any family, and their long lifespan means that they can spend years with you and your children. One of the most important things to remember about the Bichon Frise is that their lovely white coat requires daily combing to prevent mats, which can lead to more severe skin conditions.

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Perfect nails made easy by guillotine nail trimmers

Dogs can have the need for a regular manicure probably more than humans do; hence the need for trimmers. Overly long nails in humans are annoying but in dogs they can split and break causing bleeding paws. Your dog's feet are tough but tender, and any foot injury can cause serious problem to move about.
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Tips for choosing a dog shampoo

Just like the type of shampoo that people use can differ from person-to-person, the same applies to dogs. Why? Well, it is because dogs have different skin types just like human skin types differ from each other. Using the wrong shampoo can cause skin irritation and this can cause quite a bit of confusion when trying to find the right shampoo.

And do not think that using a human shampoo on a dog is safe because human shampoo does not have the same acidic pH that a dog shampoo does. The dog can experience skin irritation because the human shampoo has a pH that is lower than what the dog's skin needs.

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Giving your dog a home spa treatment

Taking your pet to the spa can be very expensive and time consuming, but you don`t have to pay big bucks to get your dog into a special spa. In fact, you can do your own spa treatment right at home. It`s a great way to bond with your dog and since most dogs prefer to hang out with their own humans, this is something that your dog is bound to enjoy.

What You`ll Need

There are a few essentials that you`ll need in order to give your canine friend a good experience. Items such as a comb or brush, shampoo and towels are all a very necessary part of bathing your pet. However, these are just the basics. To make the at home spa treatment something different from a normal bath, here are a few items that will make the whole experience better.

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