What To Consider Before Switching Dog Foods

Changing your dog’s food can be a big decision. You might be considering a switch for several reasons:

  • Your dog’s current food isn’t agreeing with them.
  • You’re looking for a food with more (or less) of certain nutrients.
  • You’re simply trying to save money.

There are a lot of factors to consider, and it’s essential to do your research to ensure you’re making the best decision for your pet. There are a few things to consider when you’re thinking about switching dog foods.

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Confused with how to read dog food packaging?

Everything you read in the ingredients and nutrition facts sections on dog food packaging is regulated by the FDA, though these regulations are woefully inadequate, with loopholes large enough to drive a dog sled through.

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What is the secret to dog longevity?

Dog Food... Have you ever heard of a dog living into his late teens? I personally have never met such an age-defying dog but it does happen. Did you know, however, that many veterinarians and scientists today estimate that the life span of a dog should be into the late teens and even into the twenties? It is a wild idea, but many see it as attainable.
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These Foods Can Kill Your Dog

All of us are devoted to our pets and ensuring that they are protected, healthful & content will be extremely vital. It is often actually difficult to appease them by offering the pet some poor food choices when they saddle up next to you watching us & praying for a little taste. Unfortunately, a good amount of of the treats we eat all the time might be potentially terribly bad to the dog's health.
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Five Tips to Keep Your Dog Food Fresh

Dogs are traditionally not very finicky when it comes to eating, yet you could easily find your dog turning his nose up at a dish that has been laying around the floor. It could easily be that his food has gotten stale or damp from sitting around all day. The same food that made Fido's tail wag when you poured it from the bag can lose its flavor and appeal since they have become dry and wet.

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Feeding Your Best Friend a Homemade Diet

Feeding your dog a well balanced diet with recipes for homemade dog food may be easier than you think. The recent pet food recall has left many of us asking about the safety as well as the quality of our pets’ food. Can the suppliers and manufacturers of pet foods be trusted or has that trust been broken?
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