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What You Should Look for in a Life Vest for Your Dog

Whether your canine is joining you in the pool or accompanying you on a pack raft, always know what you should look for in a life vest for your dog. Getting your dog a life vest will keep you both feeling secure for whatever adventure the water brings. Keep your dog protected on every water expedition.

What You Should Look for in a Life Vest for Your Dog
Proper Fit

The fit of your dog’s life vest should always complement their body shape and size. If your dog’s life vest is too large or small, it places them at risk of not being able to swim properly. Be sure to have accurate measurements of your dog to avoid choosing a life vest that causes discomfort or hinders their mobility.

Visible Colors

Using bold colors for your dog’s life vest serves more than an aesthetic purpose. Choosing bright colors increases your dog’s visibility and makes it easy to spot them. Be sure to look for colors that contrast with your dog’s fur, especially if they have a darker coat that can easily blend into bodies of water.

Durable Handles

The handles on your dog’s life vest will allow you to haul or lift them out of the water with ease. The handles should be sturdily attached and easy to grip in your hand. A vest made with durable materials also increases the longevity of your pet’s safety gear.

Bonus: The life vest handles are a useful tool if you’re helping or teaching your dog to swim.

D-Ring for Leash

A D-ring is a part of the life vest that allows you to attach your dog’s leash without removing the vest. The D-ring also gives you the flexibility to use your dog’s life vest to guide them outside of the water. Ensure any life vest you choose has this feature to be able to keep your dog secure on- or offshore.

We know to put our safety first on the water, and it’s no different for our adventurous fur companions. That’s why it’s so important to know what you should look for in a life vest for your dog. Even the most water-loving dog breeds can be prone to accidents, and just like us people, the best way to stay safe while swimming is by wearing a life vest.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

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