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How to be a responsible pet owner as a student
Bella Williams
>Having a pet could give you more happiness than you can imagine. Pets love their owners unconditionally and stick with them no matter what. Anatole France once said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Having a pet is like having a constant companion that listens to you and stays by your side, even in the trickiest situations. Students, in particular, are often extremely fond of pets. Student life is full of ups and downs.
Shelter dogs - a great adoption!
Stacy Block
When you are looking for a new canine companion to share your home and heart, rescuing a shelter dog is great decision. No matter what type of dog you are looking for, you are almost guaranteed to find it in today’s over-crowded animal shelters. The sad fact is that people not only surrender mixed breed dogs to the humane societies across the US, but there are also plenty of pure-bred dogs (and puppies!) that are looking for homes as well.
A Step-By-Step Guide to Adopting A Pet
Infographic courtesy of Helpucover
Adoption: Why dog lovers should adopt?
Christopher Durin
If you have been thinking of getting a pet (or another pet), then you should consider adopting a dog. There are many misconceptions about dog adoption. The most prevalent is that dogs coming from shelters are unstable and will not be able to adjust living with human beings or other dogs. This is rooted on the idea that most dogs from shelters were maltreated by their previous owners or were abandoned at a young age that they no longer know how to interact with humans. Another reason why some people don’t opt for dog adoption is that they believe dogs coming from shelters are not healthy.
5 tips for choosing a shelter dog for you and your family
Greg Snorson
If you're thinking about bringing a new canine home for your family, consider adopting one from a shelter. You'll find shelters are filled with dogs that would make ideal companions if given the chance. Some are there because they became lost and were unable to find their way home. Others are there because their previous owners were unable to continue caring for them (e.g. they moved into an apartment with a "no pet" policy). A reputable shelter will take the time to make sure a pet in their care is a good match for you and your family. This article will provide five important tips for adopting a shelter dog. The following suggestions will help ensure you bring home a healthy, happy, and affectionate canine.
3 loving dogs for children
Linda Sullivan
Made the decision to get a dog for a pet? Well, that is one smart decision and you will be so glad that you made it - congratulations. A dog makes such an awesome companion and truly a fantastic pet. While your children are growing up, a dog is a wonderful presence in your house during those years. Studies have been done which show that there are indeed benefits associated with children being raised in a home where there is a dog.
Choosing the right pet
Pets offer so much joy to a family, and can teach children to take responsibility for the well being of another living thing. However, it's important that you give some thought to the type of pet you welcome into your home. You must select a pet that fits not only your lifestyle, but the size of your back yard and your budget. Here are the things to consider before you choose a pet to join your family.
Adopting a shelter or pound dog - Be prepared to ask a lot of questions
Sam Gordon
Are you a true dog lover?  If you could think of one thing that you could do that would  contribute to the canine community, would you be willing to give up some extra time to give love and much needed patience? You can do this by adopting a puppy/dog from your local animal shelter or pound. There is no greater service we can make in terms of raisi...
Buying a cat or adopting a shelter cat - Things to consider
Virginia Southerland
Once you have decided to welcome a cat into your home, to be a member of your family, the next questions is where to get the cat from? Should you purchase a cat from a breeder? A pet store? (A reputable breeder is a much better and much safer choice than a pet store) Or maybe you should adopt a cat from a shelter, or from another facility.
Determine how to find the best dog for your family
Mike Jones
You may think that it will be an simple thing to select a dog for your children pet. After all there are so many dogs to pick from. You can go to a breeder or you can go to the shelter but unless you adopt a full-grown dog you will need to be concerned about many things before you choose. If you just go to select a puppy you might not get the best dog because puppies are so adorable and they are way too easy to just fall in love with.