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American Kennel Club approved purebred rescues

So you think you are ready to add a dog to your family. You want to do the “right” thing and adopt a homeless pup and save a life, but you cannot help admiring the stunning purebred Bernese Mountain Dog at the park or the adorable Bichon Frise in your apartment building.  Did you know that you can save a life and adopt the dog of your dreams from a purebred rescue group?

There are specialized dog rescue groups that save abandoned and abused purebred dogs. They are usually run by people who love a particular breed and have in-depth knowledge about raising them. So if there is a type of dog you long for, I assure you there is a Breed Specific Rescue Group that saves it and has an abundance of choices for your selection.

Breed Specific organizations like the German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California (GSRNC) began with a group of people that owned, showed and loved German shepherd dogs.  Seven years ago, the purebred enthusiasts realized that some German shepherd’s were being abandoned by their owners in the local shelters and needed to be rescued.  Out of their affection for the breed and because they understood the special needs of the dog, the small group began pulling German shepherds out of the shelters. Volunteers took the pups into their own homes where they provided support and training. One by one, members of GSRNC found new, responsible homes for the dogs.

Lani Christianson from GSRNC explains the problem, “People adopt a cute fluffy puppy not realizing how big and strong that dog will be in a few months.  Soon they have an active, energetic, big dog that they can’t handle.  Instead of training the dog, they give it up.”  GSRNC rescues and places more than 300 German shepherd dogs a year.

    Adopting from a Breed Specific Rescue has lots of benefits:

  • Adoption of the breed you want. (Some even have AKC papers)
  • A dog’s life is saved.
  • Socialization of the dog is done by the foster family.
  • The dog is spay/neutered so it will not add to the pet overpopulation problem.

Breed Specific Rescue Groups even have puppies to adopt. GSRNC rescued 8 puppies and their mother after they were abandoned in a field.

Breed Specific organizations are located in every state.  The Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia was started by two fans of the breed and has grown to save more than 2,000 dogs. The Basset Hounds are orphaned because of neglect, abandonment or because owners are unable to care for their pets. The hounds rescued by the organization receive extensive veterinary exams to rule out health problems specific to the breed.

If you are smitten with a certain type of dog, please consider adopting from a Breed Specific Rescue Organization.

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