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3 Pets That Are Great for Older Adults Who Live Alone

Having animal companions in our homes gives a great feeling and helps us feel more comfortable. Certain pets are great for people who live alone, as the animals keep them company and help them feel happier. Here are a few great pets for seniors who live alone.

3 Pets That Are Great for Older Adults Who Live Alone


Many people love dogs, and they make great pets for seniors who live alone. A dog has so many lovable characteristics, including its loving nature. Dogs are known for being some of the most loyal companions in the pet world and will give you hours of love and entertainment.

Dogs come in numerous shapes and sizes, from the largest Great Dane to the smallest Pomeranian, so older adults will have plenty of choices. Most dogs are fairly autonomous, with the owner only needing to feed them, bathe them, let them out, and refill the water dish. They are naturally adaptive and will happily move around and sleep near you, making them great animals to help seniors battle depression. If your dog knows you well enough, it will see when you are in danger or need assistance and will bark for help and stay with you.


For people who like quiet spaces and pets that don’t need to be taken outside, a cat is an ideal pet. Cats are smaller creatures that are excellent sources of comfort for people who feel calm petting animals. Cats usually stay out of the way and rarely make a lot of noise or mess around the house. Playing with a cat is generally less work than playing with a dog, making them great pets for older adults living alone.

Cats enjoy shiny objects and lights such as laser pointers that they may toy with or chase. Simple objects like shoestrings are an excellent way to grab their attention. Cats enjoy a comfortable space but will sleep virtually anywhere they feel comfortable. Since cats are small, a cat will take up little room in the bed, allowing you to sleep soundly with your pet near you.


Fish are well known for being one of the most low-maintenance pets to care for. The scheduled feeding will help older adults keep a scheduled time while watching the simplistic act of the fish eating. The bowl is the thing that needs the most care, and ensuring that the water is clean is essential for the fish’s health.

The pets we keep are important to us, and it’s important to choose the right type of pet for our lifestyles. Older adults will benefit from these three pets and have more joy sharing their homes with their companion animals.

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