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Ways To Make Your Home Office Safer for Your Pet

The stresses of an upcoming meeting and a long report wash away when you have your pet to help you weather the storm. Your trusted companion will be by your side as you work in your home office, but it’s your responsibility to ensure the space is safe for it. Use these ways to make your home office safer for your pet and become work buddies in the best setting.

Ways To Make Your Home Office Safer for Your Pet
Clear a Space for Your Pet To Rest

You won’t always have time to give attention to your pets, and that’s OK. While you’re busy working, make a space for your animal friend to rest. Clear a space on the floor for larger pets, such as dogs or pigs, or a space on your desk for smaller ones, like cats or rodents.

It’ll still have room to move around even if it doesn’t rest in the space. Or, if you have a natural cuddler, make space underneath your desk for it to curl up against your feet. Add a bed or blanket for your pet to rest and get comfortable while you knock out tasks on your to-do list.

Keep Track of Small Supplies

Animals are curious creatures that like to investigate objects, and every pet owner knows the dangers of small items and the choking hazards they present. Keep track of your office supplies to prevent your pet from consuming them.

Pens, erasers, paper clips, and many other small objects may find their way into your pet’s mouth and cause a plethora of issues. Keep your supplies in a drawer or within your sight whenever your pet is in the room for a safer office environment.

Mind the Cables

Multiple cables in your home office create a minefield of tripping hazards for you and your pet. Keep cables tucked away in various spots to prevent them from getting in the way.

Use zip ties to bind cords and run cables underneath furniture that pets won’t reach. These methods effectively manage cables in tight spaces and will help you keep your office safer for all the organisms that inhabit it.

Secure Heavy Objects

Your office may have heavy furniture, such as a bookcase or a cubical with panel walls. This furniture is dangerous to your pet, as it could bump into it and cause it to fall. Fasten furniture to surfaces to make your home office safer for your pet.

Anchor bookcases to the wall and fasten standing objects to the floor. Test the object’s security by pushing it and seeing how much it moves. If it barely budges, it’s safe, and you’ll rest easy knowing your pet won’t cause a major incident.

Pets are a valuable part of our lives, and bringing them to work is a great opportunity. Implement these safety measures to keep your furry, scaley, or feathered friend safe from harm as you work to keep food in its dish.

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