Hiking with your dog: What to take with you

Taking your dog on a hike with you can be an enjoyable experience, provided you have the right hiking gear to accommodate the both of you. Taking your best friend along shouldn’t bog you down with extra gear but you will need to consider where you are going and how long you plan to hike in order to ensure you have what you need for a safe trip.

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Having a pet allergy is the pits

People with allergies should be careful in deciding what type of pet they can safely bring into their home. More than 70 perc...

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Live a long happy life - but only if you have a pet!

For thousands of years people have been looking for the 'Fountain of Youth'. People will stop at nothing to find a way to live longer. Money is no option if a 'break-through' is found that can make us look younger and feel better. The health food and vitamin industry is an every growing billion dollar industry. Fueled by mans need to live longer and feel better people endlessly search for an ever elusive answer. But is the answer really elusive? NO! Studies continually show that owning a pet can extend a persons life and make them happier. This is especially true for older persons who need it the most.

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Let your kitty keep you feeling young

Did you know that owning a cat can decrease your chances of having a heart attack by up to 30%? Studies have found that this simple solution can improve your health and decrease the risks of heart attacks and other diseases. Owning a pet can extend your life, so adding a kitten or puppy to your household can help you live longer. There have been reports of amazing feats by dogs and cats, but this is one that bears looking into.

While pets are good for any age, the aging population is particularly affected by pet ownership. When social networks begin to slow down, having a cat jump on your lap and ask for attention causes the owner to feel needed. The responsibility of caring for a pet also provides purpose. Once children have grown and moved away, it can keep the onset of depression at bay.

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Me & My Pal - Jim Hurley's time in life with his red & white setter - Pal

If you take a trip down to Roche's Point and see a man walking his dog along the beach, chances are that the man is Jim Hurley; his dog, Pal. In October 1997, Jim Hurley bought a red & white setter pup, brought him home and, from that moment on, canine & companion were inseparable. 'I'd always had dogs,' Jim tells the East Cork Journal, 'but this one was truly special.' Little did Jim know, that three and a half years later, this particular dog would save his life.

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Are air purifiers good for pet allergies?

Most people in the West have a pet: a cat, a dog, a hamster, a rabbit or a parrot. They are good company and doctors believe that having a pet lowers stress and stress is the biggest killer in the West. Keeping a pet helps you live longer. It is a real pity then that some people develop allergies to their pets.

If you or someone in your close family has developed an allergy to a family pet, it can be a tricky problem to solve. Especially if you have young children. Young children become attached to pets very quickly, so the obvious answer to the problem - getting rid of it - is not always an option. If this is your quandary, help is at hand.

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