The Difference Between KH and GH in Aquariums

Most fish hobbyists know that they have to monitor pH, ammonia, and nitrate levels in their tanks. However, when it comes to freshwater tanks, you need to be monitoring the general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH) of your tank. If not, you may be putting your fish at risk. To help you ensure that your fish’s environment is suitable enough to maintain their health and happiness, this article will review the differences between KH and GH in aquariums.

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Tips and Tricks for Cat-Proofing Your Aquarium

If you own a cat and an aquarium, you probably already know the struggles of having to keep your furry friend from trying to catch itself a snack. For those unaware, cats love getting into things they’re not supposed to, and they can see aquariums as a live dinner and a show. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to cat-proof your aquarium so that you never have to choose one pet over the other.

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Tips for Turning Your Aquarium Into an Underwater Paradise

Putting together a freshwater tank can be deceptively easy. Creating the right ecosystem for your freshwater fish friends requires work and attention to detail. Read on to discover a few tips for turning your aquarium into an underwater paradise!

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Tips for Introducing Invertebrates Into a Reef Aquarium

Invertebrates are vital to the continued success of a balanced, healthy aquarium ecosystem. Since they feed on many smaller algae and waste particles, they’re the perfect ways to manage excessive algae growth and ensure that all your marine pets get the nutrients they need. But if you’re going to get them to thrive in your tank, you need to know how to properly acclimate them. Here are our tips for introducing invertebrates into a reef aquarium.

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The Latest craze hopping across the nation

Calling all rabbit owners, grab Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail, rabbit jumping has reached the UK.

In this new pet craze rabbits compete against others on a course, which contains a series of small hurdles. Most breeds can take part in the sport, although Dutch rabbits and the Lops are particularly well suited. Training can begin with getting the rabbit used to a harness, which is used to guide the rabbits around the course, and then the animals can be tempted over small jumps with their favourite treat. In more advanced competitions, the rabbits are timed over the course and receive penalties if they make contact with any of the jumps.

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Feed birds stale cat food

Feed birds stale cat food instead of throwing the stealth cat food away. Stale cat food can be placed outside on a flat surface or in a bowl.

It has become a common practice to put stale cat food and other food scraps into the mesh bags that onions are sold in and tying the bags outside for birds. This can be dangerous for birds, because their feet or legs can become trapped in the mesh.

Birdseed can be mixed with the stale cat food for the birds. People should be careful about leaving cat food outside for birds since cat food can attract raccoons. A property near a population of raccoons with cat food outside for stray cats or for birds can quickly be overrun with raccoons which can carry rabies and their notorious for making messes by overturning trash cans.

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