Feed birds stale cat food

Feed birds stale cat food instead of throwing the stealth cat food away. Stale cat food can be placed outside on a flat surface or in a bowl.

It has become a common practice to put stale cat food and other food scraps into the mesh bags that onions are sold in and tying the bags outside for birds. This can be dangerous for birds, because their feet or legs can become trapped in the mesh.

Birdseed can be mixed with the stale cat food for the birds. People should be careful about leaving cat food outside for birds since cat food can attract raccoons. A property near a population of raccoons with cat food outside for stray cats or for birds can quickly be overrun with raccoons which can carry rabies and their notorious for making messes by overturning trash cans.

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Know what can be a perfect gift for a bird watcher

Which hobby allows you to meet people and simultaneously study birds and their species? Only ornithology! If there is any one you know who is also into this, present them with a birthday gift which can be used when they are spending time carrying out their hobby. What types of gifts do these people like? To understand this, study the kind of things they use when they go to watch the birds.

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Binoculars for bird watching

Next to gardening, bird watching is the most accepted of hobbies, and since these avian creatures come in a myriad of colors and sizes, it is almost impossible not to enjoy watching them. All it takes is just a bird encyclopedia and a pair of binoculars for bird watching.

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Basic tips on how to train your Parrot

Parrots are wild animal. It takes a lot of time and patience to make the bird feel like you are their friend, but once you do it will be much easier to tame. Once you bring the parrot home, make sure that it stays inside the cage for at least 24 hours and kept around people who love birds. If you see that the bird is skittish, give it some more time.

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Garden bird feeders - How to choose the right one

So what is the key to choosing the right garden bird feeder? What do you need to do first, and is your choice truly that important? I guess in the beginning, it's not as important as it might be later on. It's perfectly OK to choose a basic garden bird feeder as your first one, even one with a low price tag. To start with, you won't need anything too fancy, at least until you work out what you really want from your bird feeder.

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Choices for names for your pet birds

The sky is the limit when finding creative names for your pet bird. The name you choose to give your pet bird could range from something silly to something serious and everything you could imagine. Some bird owners opt for sticking with traditional bird names, while others choose names off the wall. If you are unsure what to name your pet bird, there are some ideas that might help you decide.

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