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7 Secrets your family pet can't reveal

Studies have indicated that people who have pets may live a longer and happier life thanks to their four-legged friend. Not only can stroking your cat or dog provide a sense of calm, but it can also ease depression and anxiety. It's easy to see why we love our pets, but many may be surprised to know just what they are thinking. Believe it or not, there are some fascinating secrets that your furry little friend literally can't reveal.

They smile. Even though it isn't as obvious as when you or I smile, your pet can put on a happy face. Animals have facial expressions that stem from the use of muscles that can spark a grin.

They love you every day. Unconditional is a term that means something that is without condition, and that's how your pet loves you. Even if you've had a bad day or everything else in your life seems to be going wrong, your pet loves you. He/she cannot verbally express this, but they can show you through their actions and response to your presence.

They dream. Have you ever watched your pet sleep only to see their legs moving, their nose twitching or other quick movements that may suggest dreaming? If so, there's a very good reason. Your pet probably is dreaming but, unlike humans, they cannot communicate their emotions through words. As a pet lover, you will learn to recognize the signs of a dream the longer you watch your four-legged friend sleep. Awakening suddenly with a frightened look may suggest a nightmare, so be ready to comfort your pet and reassure them through loving strokes.

They recognize the tone of your voice. Most people will tell you that their pets can understand them and, who knows, maybe they can. But one thing is for certain; pets respond to the tone of our voices. If we have anger or stress in our tone, they pick up on it immediately. The same is true of happiness, which typically sparks a positive reaction. The fact that tone is important is proven when you scold a pet verbally and he/she crouches as though they have done something wrong, or when you praise them with kind words and they seem to bask in the attention.

They miss you when you're gone. If you've ever read a magazine article about pets, you may already know that countless animals have been known to become destructive when left alone in a home. The reason may be more than just bad manners. In fact, it may be a serious case of loneliness. Animals recognize us by our scent, which is why puppies and kittens often like to curl up with something that reminds them of their new family. Reading material often suggests rubbing a shirt or blanket over your arms before giving it to your pet so that it will think of you and feel close at all times. When you are gone, your pet does miss you. If you doubt it, pay close attention to their reaction when you arrive home.

They are eager to please. Believe it or not, animals actually like to learn tricks and commands so that they can make you happy. Have you ever noticed how happy a well-behaved dog is when he/she receives praise for honoring a command? This is because most pets want nothing more than to make their family happy. Of course, just like people, they have those moments when nothing can grab their attention. But more often than not, your pet just wants your approval.

They have association skills. Because most animals have good memories, they also have the ability to associate one event with another. For instance, teaching your dog to sit means to make him/her associate the command with an action. The same is true of an event, such as a visit to the vet or a walk in the park. Animals are smart and their impressive memory further confirms it.

Now that you know what your pet may be thinking, you can attempt to understand him/her better. Hopefully, you can take this new found understanding and use it to make your relationship with your pet purr-fect.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

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